Camera Ready Instructions for Authors

Camera-Ready versions of all submissions are due to be submitted by:

Monday,  May 2, 2022

If needed you may have up to May 9, but this is a firm and final deadline for the production of the proceedings. You should:

  1. View your reviews under your EasyChair RESPECT 2022 author role.
  2. Please take your paper reviews carefully into account when preparing your camera-ready paper for the proceedings. 
  3. Create an account to log in to the RESPECT 2022 CPS Online Author Dashboard with IEEE Conference Publishing Services at!/auth/login?ak=1&pid=64wWuQOgHcwTocFfQemxfR
  4. Once you have created an account and logged in, you will see a screen like this:
  1. Then click on the green “Begin Paper Submission” button to start a submission.
  1. Click on “Paper Validation” button at the middle-left to verify/convert your paper using PDF eXpress (NOTE: this requires ANOTHER account creation and email account activation)
    1. If you have a Word/Latex source file and cannot create a PDF, then select “I would like to submit my source file to PDF eXpress® for validation and conversion.” to upload the source file.
    2. If you have a PDF, then click “I would like to upload my PDF to PDF eXpress® for validation.”
    3. Then you will upload your source/PDF following the instructions and an email will be sent to you with your verified PDF file, but it will also be available on the PDF eXpress website, if you click on “Dashboard” you can download the file to your computer.
  2. Go back to the CPS Online Author Dashboard and click “Next” at the top right to go on to the Copyright Sumission page. If you are authorized to sign the form, click Yes, then click Continue. If not, then enter the name of the person authorized to sign.
  3. Once the copyright is signed, then click “Next” at the top right at CPS Online Author Dashboard to go on to submit your final paper version for the proceedings.
  4. Once submitted, you can click on the top left logo to reload to see your list of submissions, as below:
  1. Repeat the process to submit additional final versions, or click on the “Edit” pencil logo next to a submission to revise up until the deadline.

The page limits for each paper submission type are listed below:

Research – Full Paper: 8 pages plus references

Research – Short Paper: 4 pages plus references

Experience Report: 4 pages plus references

Position Paper: 4 pages plus references

Poster Extended Abstract: 2 pages TOTAL (including references)

Lightning Talk Extended Abstract: 2 pages TOTAL (including references)

We greatly appreciate your cooperation in these matters. Thank you

again for your contribution to RESPECT 2022.

All questions about paper submission should be sent to the proceedings editor below.

NameCristina Ceballos
Address8605 Santa Monica Blvd. #49967West Hollywood, CA 90069
Phone+1 562 322 8784
Fax+1 714 761 1784
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